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Digital Signature and Identity Verification Projects

  • Developed a real-time identity verification solution using the OneSpan IDV APIs
  • Developed an E-Signature solution using the OneSpan Sign APIs
  • OneSpan Sign & IDV Framework
    • Designed and developed an e-signature & identify verification event driven framework around the OneSpan Sign and IDV APIs that provides a solution that is easier to implement and includes the non-functional operational management, traceability, metrics, alerts, analytics, and dashboard
  • OneSpan Sign & IDV QA Framework
    • Designed and developed an e-signature & identify verification QA framework to enable testing of the OneSpan Sign & IDV Framework

Financial Services / EFT / Payments Projects

  • ATM / PoS Systems worldwide
    • Implemented EFT, Card Processing solutions
    • Tandem, BASE24
    • DH, Auth, DRA, Host Interfaces, Interchanges, Security
    • Australia, UK, South Korea, Thailand, China, Slovakia, US
  • Real-time BC/DR
    • Multiple Data Center BC/DR
    • No single point of failure at system or Data Center
    • Redefined “system availability”
    • Saved $12M in first year in hardware & software costs
  • Automated Operations (Command & Control)
    • Automated monitoring, command & control
    • AI detected failures, and injected commands to correct and bring system back to steady state
    • Allowed system to scale independent of Operations Staff
    • Secret weapon for acquisitions; added ATM and PoS devices, with no additional human resources

Retail Projects

  • Inventory Product, Price, Availability
    • Ingested 14M inventory records (product, price, availability)
    • Answered the difficult other size, other color questions
    • Provided sub 10ms response time
  • IoT RaspberryPI Sensors
    • Deployed hundreds of IoT sensors in 850 stores to measure Digital-In-Store API metrics
    • Invoked individual and/or composite APIs to collect metrics
    • Displayed in database/dashboard for analysis and real-time viewing
    • Generated alerts based on thresholds
  • IoT Beacons
    • Deployed 13,500 beacons in 850 stores
    • 8 week deadline to deliver before Christmas
    • Worked with 4 teams/companies to define, design, implement and deploy a solution
    • Successfully delivered
  • Bluebird Devices “Stop Working”
    • 4 years of store Bluebird devices “stop working”
    • Assembled swat team
    • Conducted application / network traces at stores
    • Discovered Bluebird devices went “deaf” and “mute”
  • Attributes Application
    • Failed to support 1 user at a reasonable response time
    • Spending $100K / day
    • Used Dynatrace to identify issues
    • Worked with Dev Team to implement resolution
    • Easily supported 60 users at sub 5 sec response times

Artificial Intelligence Projects

  • Real-time AIChatbot Platform
  • eCommerce Chatbot
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • AIOperations Chatbot
  • FAQ Chatbot
  • OracleRightNow Chatbot
  • ServiceNow Chatbot
  • Medical Device Chatbot
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots

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